CECs, Centro de Estudios Científicos (Center for Scientific Studies) is a private, non-profit corporation, devoted to the development, promotion and diffusion of scientific research. CECs was founded in 1984 as the Center for Scientific Studies of Santiago and has since been directed by physicist Claudio Bunster.

“If you plan to make a voyage of discovery, choose a ship of small draught”
Captain James Cook rejecting the large ships offered by the Admiralty for the search of a new continent.
Theoretical Physics



The CECs Theoretical Physics Lab’s researchers published a theoretical model that considers Newton’s gravitational constant as a dynamic variable that can take on different values in different regions of the universe, separated by domain walls called “G-walls”. The spontaneous materialization of G-Walls could explain why the gravitational interaction is so weak compared to the rest of the interactions.




From the elementary particles physics viewpoint, Newton’s constant is extremely small. The gravitational forces between the atom’s proton and electron, for example, is 39 orders of magnitude weaker than the electromagnetic force that keeps them together. This strange gap between the coupling of two fundamental theories led Paul Dirac in 1937 to question if the gravitational constant value may have evolved throughout the history of the universe, maybe in a remote past it had a commensurable value with the microscopic scales and it slowly decayed until it reached the minimal value observed today.


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