Relativistic kinetic theory with applications in astrophysics

Speaker: Paola Rioseco
Affiliation: Universidad de La Serena
Date/Time: Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 16:00


I will review the mathematical formalism of the relativistic kinetic theory and apply it to two phenomena.
The first phenomenon is accretion of matter around the Schwarzschild black hole, where we calculated its accretion rate and other physical observables that permits do a comparison between an isotropic perfect fluid and a relativistic kinetic gas.
The second phenomenon concerns the dynamics of the kinetic gas in a thin disk in the equatorial plane of the Kerr black hole. In this case, the so-called mixing phenomenon appears, which causes that the gas configuration relaxes to stationary axisymmetric state.
This talk is based on the results published in Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) no.12, 124024 and Class.Quant.Grav. 34 (2017) no.9, 095007.

Venue: Ático, edificio Martha Muse
Event Type: Regular Seminar
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