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Andrés Rivera was born in Santiago, Chile and received a degree in Geography from Universidad de Chile. He has worked in glaciology since 1988. Since then he has studied the main frontal, aerial and volumetric variations of Chilean glaciers particularly in Patagonia, the Lakes District and central Chile. In 1997 he completed a Masters degree in Geography at Universidad de Chile, conducting a number of research activities in the Norte Grande region of Chile where he focused mainly on topoclimatology of the Puna de Atacama a high and dry diagonal in the Chilean Andes in collaboration with scientists from the University of Berna, Switzerland. In 2004, Andrés received a PhD in Glaciology from the University of Bristol, England, where he worked with Jonathan Bamber and the Bristol Glaciology Center. His thesis theme was on mass balance research in the South Icefield. Since 1994, Andrés has been actively involved in various glaciology research projects in Occidental Antarctica. His studies in the Patriot Hills zone, and more recently in the Antarctic Peninsula and the glaciers in the Amundsen Sea stand out. Another zone that Andrés has shown permanent interest in is the Northern and Southern Patagonian Icefield, where he has conducted a number of fieldwork activities, and lately, surveys with airborne sensors. Andrés is particularly interested in techniques and methods such as using remote de satellite sensors, laser altimetry, fotogrametry, GPS receptors, ice thickness measurements with radial echo sensor systems and measurements of glacier energy balance. He has collaborated in many international research projects with Japanese, British, Swiss, German and North American researchers. Andrés is member of the International Glaciology Society, is editor of the Aragon Glaciology Bulletin, collaborates in many international magazines and is Assistant Professor at Universidad de Chile since 1991.
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