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Antarctic Expedition: Day 15/12 PDF Print E-mail

December 15th, 2014. Once again we had a very productive day. We acquired a dense grid of data, every 1 km, over 50 kms, at an approximate speed of 5 km/h (more than 10 hours of taking measurements).




The surface topography was measured with great precision (less than 10 cm height error). Subglacial topography was seen to be complex, very uneven with steep ramps. In some cases, the height difference between the bottom of some valleys and subglacial peaks was more than a thousand metres.




In other sectors, the subglacial return signal was completely lost because of the very abrupt, steeply sloping bottom topography. We also installed 3 beacons to measure ice speed and mass balance. During the day, weather conditions persisted, with visibility poor, snowfalls and high winds.




But on returning to our base camp in the evening, the skies cleared, giving us a spectacular view of the Ellsworth Mountains, with the Mount Vinson summit and other surrounding summits standing out clearly.





Later that evening, we celebrated Andy’s (José Andrés Uribe) “name day”, a tradition in Chile. He was in the Antarctic for his special day for the fifth time. We celebrated with a really good quality panettone and sung Happy Birthday, in both English and Spanish.